From the Amazon to your shower.


Why Babassu Oil?

Babassu Oil is one of the most hydrating oils found on Planet Earth. It is exclusively found in the Amazon Region of Bolivia and Brazil and it is sustainably sourced to us by women from native communities in Bolivia who dedicate their lives to gathering and selling Babassu nuts. Babassu oil is a non-greasy oil and it is abundant in antioxidants and vitamin E. It has an amazing effect on hair and is one of the main components in our products.

Are Blu Babassu products Paraben-Free?

Yes, all Blu Babassu products are paraben-free.

Do Blu Babassu products use alcohol?

Yes, a small amount of alcohol is needed in our Conditioner formulation. We use a high quality, cosmetic grade alcohol that does not affect hair negatively in any way. On the contrary, when combined with other ingredients like Babassu oil it has an amazing effect on hair that you will love.

Are Blu Babassu products sulfate free?

Our Signature Shampoo and Men’s Shampoo are not sulfate free. The sulfate used in them is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). This is an ultra-mild surfactant that does not have the negative effects that are commonly associated with sulfates. We consider SLES a super safe and extremely efficient ingredient.

SLES traps the dirt particles found in hair and eliminates them when washed through with water, leaving hair super clean. In addition, since shampoo is a wash off product, the minimal amounts of SLES found in our Shampoos is washed away, further minimizing contact with the scalp. With the exception of a small percentage of the population who suffer from allergic reactions and/or those with an extremely sensitive scalp, SLES is nothing to worry about.  

Why are Blu Babassu products formulated without salt (Sodium Chloride)?

Sodium Chloride can affect chemically treated hair (keratin-treated, colored, etc) negatively, making the treatments last for shorter periods of time, cause hair to dry out, and even damage hair. All Blu Babassu products are formulated without salt to avoid these effects.

Are Blu Babassu products tested on animals?

No. We do not test any of our products on animals.

Are Blu Babassu products vegan/vegetarian?

Yes. Blu Babassu products are vegan.

Are Blu Babassu products gluten free?

Yes. All Blu Babassu products are gluten-free.

Do Blu Babassu products contain silicone?

No. None of our products contain silicone.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes. Please contact us at for more information.