From the Amazon to your shower.


Growing up in Bolivia I realized how unique and amazing Babassu Oil is but I couldn’t find any great cosmetics or hair products with Babassu Oil. At a young age, I met communities of admirable women who live in the Amazon region of Bolivia and dedicate their lives to collecting and selling Babassu nuts. The desire to share the greatness of Babassu Oil with other people along with the desire to help these women and their communities inspired me to create Blu Babassu after graduating from Texas A&M in May 2017. 

At Blu Babassu, our goal is to inspire more people to be their best self and enjoy life. We believe that hair is the ultimate luxury accessory and we want to make it effortless for everyone to have a great hair day every day. We want to turn shower time into a lavish beauty ritual with Babassu oil infused Shampoo and Conditioner.

We are committed to simplicity, effectiveness and high quality.

We are committed to women’s empowerment and sustainability.

We believe in Babassu Oil and are committed to sharing it with the world.

Camila - BB Founder